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Volunteering at SLACO To Help Neighborhoods

Thanks to those who helped us log 1,023 volunteer hours last year.   We have a need for several types of volunteers at the moment:

  • Students of urban policy, social work, urban planning, and political science to help us with issue selection and planning and delivery of educational programs
  • Experienced fund-raising event coordinators
  • Those who would like to implement Neighborhoods United for Change, a neighborhood exchange program that allows people to interact across invisible community lines to discuss racial and social equity.
  • Office volunteers

If you have an idea that would serve neighborhoods and would like to enjoy the benefits of the SLACO umbrella, feel free to contact us.  The very best volunteer assignments often are proposed by volunteers themselves.

To volunteer, call the office at (314)361-9406 or e-mail Kevin McKinney at, describing your interests and availability.