St. Louis Association of Community Organizations

Support SLACO through Your Contributions and Connections

St. Louis Association of Community Organizations is a 501(c)(3) organization, meaning that contributions to SLACO are tax deductible to the same extent as all charitable contributions.   Monetary contributions may made online by visiting our Individual Supporters section or you may send a check to us at 5888 Plymouth Ave., St. Louis MO 63112.

For many of you, contributing to the mission and work of SLACO means more than a financial contribution.   We offer Supporter groups as a way for individuals to become involved in our work in some way. Detailed descriptions of Supporter privileges will appear soon.  If you would like to be an early adopter, feel free to forward your contribution in these minimum amounts to us at our office:

Individual Supporter, $60 (Senior or Low-Income may support at $30)
Non-Profit, $100
Congregation, $250
Small Businesses and Business Groups and Associations, $250
University Entities, $250

Donated supplies may be welcome also.  Art supplies, play equipment, and educational items, including books, that would commonly be used in children's programming, would be gratefully accepted for use in our West End Etzel Community Center.   We do a lot with a little, as the photo below shows, but quality equipment and supplies will help us do even more.

In addition, SLACO may be in a position to accept contributions of computers, office equipment, and office supplies.  Gently used exercise equipment might be helpful in our programs to help adults adopt a healthy lifestyle.

To explore contributions of goods and services, please contact Executive Director Kevin McKinney at 314-361-9406.