St. Louis Association of Community Organizations

SLACO to Receive CDA Block Grant Funding for 2017

Funding will Benefit Sustainable Neighborhoods Program

The Community Development Block Grant program recently recommended SLACO for a $25,000 block grant to support the Sustainable Neighborhoods program, pending approval from the Board of Alderman and the Board of Estimate and Apportionment.

Sustainable Neighborhoods is a resident-based program that combines social, economic and environmental ideas to create balanced and vibrant neighborhoods.

The program offers a series of issue-based sessions designed to educate and challenge participants to rethink the neighborhood of the future. No special skills, education or experience is needed to participate – just a desire to better your neighborhood.

Funding will be available in 2017.

​Check out Executive Director Kevin McKinney's op-ed article on a program from SLACO called Neighborhoods United for Change in the latest issue of the St. Louis Community Builders e-newsletter. In the photo gallery: Earlier this month, residents from several communities participated in the first bus tour of the program.