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City Files Suit to Reverse Prop NS Outcome, Declare Victory

Riverfront Times, September 7, 2017

A ballot proposition that seemingly suffered a narrow defeat this spring could see new life — with the city of St. Louis now asking the board of election to reexamine the results.

Prop NS, which was led by a grassroots neighborhood group to tackle the city's vacant houses, won 58 percent approval in April. But the Board of Election Commissioners had said it needed a two-thirds majority, or 66 percent. Prop NS was presumed dead.

But backers began to question that. As the RFT first reported on August 21, Alderwoman Cara Spencer took on an effort to question that interpretation. Yes, the city charter seeks two-thirds passage for any matter dealing with bond issuances, but when state law and the city charter conflict, state law wins. And state law only requires four-sevenths of voters sign off on matters involving bond issuances — or 57 percent.

By that metric, Prop NS had eked out the narrowest of victories. To read more of the story, click here.

SLACO to Receive CDA Block Grant Funding for 2017

Funding will Benefit Sustainable Neighborhoods Program

The Community Development Block Grant program recently recommended SLACO for a $25,000 block grant to support the Sustainable Neighborhoods program, pending approval from the Board of Alderman and the Board of Estimate and Apportionment.

Sustainable Neighborhoods is a resident-based program that combines social, economic and environmental ideas to create balanced and vibrant neighborhoods.

The program offers a series of issue-based sessions designed to educate and challenge participants to rethink the neighborhood of the future. No special skills, education or experience is needed to participate – just a desire to better your neighborhood.

Funding will be available in 2017.

​Check out Executive Director Kevin McKinney's op-ed article on a program from SLACO called Neighborhoods United for Change in the latest issue of the St. Louis Community Builders e-newsletter. In the photo gallery: Earlier this month, residents from several communities participated in the first bus tour of the program.