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How to Join SLACO

  • Register Neighborhood Association member information online
  • Send check payable to:



             5888 Plymouth Ave.

             St Louis MO 63112

SLACO Member Neighborhood Associations Enjoy Many Benefits

Our goal is simple: to enlist virtually every neighborhood association in the metropolitan area as a member, in order to improve peer learning opportunities and to increase our clout in the event that the member neighborhoods decide they want to take joint action.  The opportunity to talk informally with leaders from different kinds of neighborhoods over the course of a year is invaluable.  Besides, it's simply more fun to enjoy our diversity as a city!

For more good reasons, see our "why join" page.

Here are some of the approved benefits for the member neighborhood associations:

*One member representative and one alternate on the SLACO Board of Directors

*Opportunity to serve your cluster as SLACO Board Member

*Four hours of free consulting per year on a topic of the neighborhood association's choice

*Ability to participate in at least eight members-only Neighborhood Roundtables annually, during which neighborhoods present successes or challenges and others respond.  This occurs during months when there is no All-Neighborhoods Forum or annual neighborhood conference.

*Annual feature in the electronic newsletter highlighting neighbors and neighborhood advances, and ability to use this website to publicize events

*Various other early registration and information-sharing privileges available only to members, including ability to list neighborhood events on this website.