Spring 2017 Seminars

SLACO Sustainable Neighborhoods 

Below are ideas that came up during the Sustainable Neighborhood Academy.  

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  • Neighborhood clean up
  • Develop a traffic calming program
  • Neighborhood internet access for all
  • Convert a parking lot into green space
  • Host diversity conversations
  • Create a neighborhood plan
  • Restore a local landmark
  • Design a public art project
  • Start a social club 

"A journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step" (Chinese proverb)

This activity is financed in part through an allocation of Community Development Block Grant funds from the Department of Housing and Urban Development and the City of St. Louis Community Development Administration.


Inspiration Lab is the Part II of SLACO's Sustainable Neighborhoods Program.  The Lab offers workshops to exchange ideas and create a plan of action for a sustainable project for your neighborhood.

Workshop topics include developing an action plan, identifying local assets, organization and leadership, promotion and social media and fundraising.  Participation is free and open to the public.

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  • Plant milkweeds for monarchs
  • Heritage corridor walking tour
  • Create a rain garden
  • Neighborhood design guidelines
  • Start a neighborhood safety program
  • Create a literacy program
  • Start a community garden
  • Community improvement district
  • Fresh food co-op
​​Sustainable Neighborhoods Program

SLACO's Inspiration Lab will provide you with the tools to take that great idea and turn it into a reality.

​Have a great idea to better your neighborhood? ​

For more information about SLACO’s Sustainable Neighborhood programs contact us by email: kmckinney@slaco-mo.org or phone: 314-361-9406

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