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In addition, about 100 new Buder Place homes were constructed in the Gate District, an area between Lafayette Square and Saint Louis University, from 1989 to 1998.  McKinley Heights and Fox Park Homes development began in 2006 with Boulevard Heights Homes construction beginning about 2008.    Ten homes offered on a lease-purchase option basis were constructed on Maffitt  Avenue.  Earlier, the partnership built 28 homes on Fairfax Court from 1985-1987.

Elsewhere, SLACO teamed up with Ranken Technical College to promote new permanent construction of homes in the neighborhood surrounding the Ranken campus.    Prior to SLACO's involvement, Ranken students had built homes and then demolished them.

Partnerships Produce New Housing

During its history, SLACO has been involved in several  housing production partnerships with CF. Vatterott Construction Company.    These partnerships have been instrumental in producing nearly 500 units of workforce and moderate-income housing.  The largest complex, Etzel Place Apartments (shown below), has grown to 175 housing units in the West End neighborhood, with another 20 now under construction.