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St. Louis Association of Community Organizations

The St. Louis Association of Community Organizations (SLACO) would like to say thank you to all of our attendees, speakers, special guests and sponsors who attended the 2018 conference, which was held at St. Louis Community College - Forest Park. With your support, we are able to provide valuable information and resources that empower citizens to make positive improvements in their neighborhood. We hope to see you again on February 2, 2019.

​​​​The 2019 Regional Neighborhood Conference 

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Conference Overview

The annual SLACO Regional Neighborhood Conference is the St. Louis region's premiere event for helping grassroots neighborhood leaders learn about how other neighborhoods are creating innovative solutions for common problems, how to run an effective neighborhood association, how to think about the causes of neighborhood improvement and decline, and recent plans and initiatives that offer new ways to understand the region and new hope for successful initiatives.

No special skill, education, or experience is needed to participate in and enjoy the conference.  We intend that everyone from beginners in this type of volunteer activity to professionals in related fields will encounter some stimulating new ideas and people.  The day includes presentations by a diverse group of experts and people who have been involved in great programs, as well as ample opportunities to meet new people and to network with folks from other neighborhoods who may have similar concerns and experiences.

We also build in some ways for participants to meet regional leaders who might otherwise seem too busy to talk or difficult to reach.  Careful choice of organizations that are allowed to exhibit at the conference, and limiting these exhibitors to a manageable number, also enhance the conference experience.  The resulting new contacts and networking possibilities have resulted in new working relationships and inspired new activity in neighborhoods.

For information on sponsorship and exhibit opportunities for the February 2, 2019, conference, please contact the SLACO office.