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Neighborhoods United for Change Program featured in ioby Fundraising Blog

Neighborhoods United for Change was recently featured in ioby as one grassroots project that is making a difference in St. Louis. Check it out here

Teaser from ioby's website: 

ioby is always looking for the next city where we can support more projects and St. Louis is at the top of this year’s list. St. Louisans have a lot of pride about their grassroots work being done to propel their city into an equitable future.

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Dear Friends of SLACO and Those New to SLACO,

  My name is Kim Roberson. I am a VISTA (Volunteers in Service to America) with SLACO. I’m writing to you today to make a personal appeal to encourage you to take the VISTA Challenge. What is the VISTA Challenge?

  Over the next few weeks, SLACO wants to raise $5,000 to support Neighborhoods United for Change, an important program that is helping to reduce social-economical barriers between communities and facilitate joint neighborhood projects that transcend historical boundaries. I have personally given $50 to support this program. I’m asking you to please consider matching this gift, or give any amount of your choice ($5, $20, $100 or whatever that may be), to help us continue this important program for 2017-18. Our goal is to raise $5,000. Will you please help us?

  Why is this significant? We all know that we live in a divided society. Wouldn’t it be great if there were a way to bring people together, across dividing lines, where they could sit down together, have heart-to-heart conversations and share stories about their neighborhoods, life experiences, and backgrounds? Well that’s what Neighborhoods United for Change does. Through bus tours and dialogue, we create a cross-cultural exchange, where groups of people visit each other’s neighborhoods and learn about their similarities and differences, all the while creating stronger community bonds.

  I believe in SLACO’s mission and its commitment to improving our community, one neighborhood at a time. I know that you believe in SLACO’s mission as well. Please help SLACO continue its mission by taking this Vista Challenge today. We know that you are working hard. We appreciate your current service and sacrifice and hope that you consider this appeal to help an important SLACO program. I’ve provided a link in this letter to our online crowdsourcing website to make giving simple and easy. Again, our goal is to raise $5,000. Please give today. Thank you.


Kim Roberson
Marketing/Development Vista


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​​​Support Neighborhoods United for Change: Take the Vista Challenge 

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